Magnification Helpers


Magnification Helpers is a free service of Accessibility dot Net, Inc. where we promote NuEyes!  NuEyes is the best solution for someone with low vision to remain independent! 

Accessibility dot Net, Inc. provides NuEyes in the Midwest.



Watch this video below of a woman with low vision that has regained the ability to read, which now allows her to remain independent and continue her hobby of playing the piano.


If you live in Nebraska or Iowa and would like to see NuEyes please contact Accessibility dot Net at 866-539-HELP (4357).


Accessibility dot Net, Inc. specializes in helping Eye Doctors learn about NuEyes, and provide distribution and support of NuEyes to help their patients with low vision. 

Accessibility dot Net, Inc. opened Omaha, Nebraska's first low vision showroom to the public in 2002.

Picture of showroom - May 21, 2004

At Accessibility dot Net, Inc. we understand the importance of reading and writing for persons that have low vision because these abilities allow us to enrich our minds and express ourselves. NuEyes gives those who suffer from vision loss the ability to read, write, and maintain their independence. 

Whether you suffer from macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa or other visual impairments, NuEyes will help you to read and remain independent. NuEyes will help you enjoy pictures of your loves ones, and assist you in everyday activities like reading pharmacy labels and restaurant menus.

Accessibility dot Net provides NuEyes direct which comes with life-time support.  Accessibility dot Net, Inc. also specialize in helping eye doctors add NuEyes to their businesses so the patients with low vision they serve can read and remain independent.




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