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Our 30+ years of experience understands what offers the best magnification solution

Products have been tested on low vision users

All of the products we sell have been tested by persons with low vision so you know they will help you see the items that you need magnification.

Remain independent at home and work

Our magnification products will help you remain independent because they allow you to see things you can not see normally.


R. Smith - Kansas City, Kansas

"I love your magnifiers as they allow me to read when I want to read.  Before I bought this 3X hand-held magnifier I had to depend on my husband to read for me.  Now he does not have to read for me and so he loves it too."

P. Carson - Mesa, Arizona

 “I wanted a magnifier I could take with me when I went shopping and when I wanted to read a menu, and the 2.5X hand-held works perfect."

J. Jones - Miami, Florida

 “If you are like me and have macular degeneration and can not read print then I would get a magnification helpers magnifier.  I bought 3 hand held 3X magnifiers and have one in my purse, one downstairs and one in the kitchen.  I am never without my magnifier."  

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